October 30th, 2020

Current Stats

$9.5m TVL 3908 Members 81% Savings APY 113% Staking APY


It’s our first weekly newsletter, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! What should we add? What info & in what format would be interesting to read?


  • Rewards distributions are restricted to >$100.00 moving forward to limit spending on gas costs, sponsored by the team previously. Read more

  • The harvest page was updated to reflect vested rewards & add more withdrawal possibilities. Read more

  • The team is currently focused on generating unique strategies for Delphi to drive value to token holders. Vaults are under testing - more updates to follow.


  • The top three community members with the most constructive feedback will be rewarded with an AKRO token bounty (determined by spot price at time of transfer) of $250, $175, and $150 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize respectively.


  • The first snapshot proposals are in and we are analyzing voting data/turnout to improve our governance model. Check our forum & snapshot page!

  • DIP-005 Extension of Voting Duration proposal ends tomorrow 10/31/2020, so please remember to participate!

As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels and thank you for your continued support!