November 6th, 2020

Data as of November 6th, 2020: 

$9.9m TVL      2767 Members      83% Savings APY      108% Savings APY


It has been a busy week for Akropolis! We have a new hire, exchange listings, and a bug fix to discuss - let’s dig in:


  • Akropolis has hired a new quality assurance tester for product development! This is a long desired hire that will help us roll out more features faster.

  • We have identified and fixed a bug in the savings pool - more about this in a separate upcoming technical update.

  • The team remains focused on generating unique strategies for Delphi to drive value to token holders. Vaults are still under testing - more updates to follow.

  • We are also working on rolling out the dollar-cost averaging feature - more updates to follow.


  • We are pleased to be recognized as an established part of the DeFi ecosystem on both Ethereum and Polkadot in a recent Cointelegraph article - read it here.

  • AKRO was also listed on CEX.IO this week! See the Twitter announcement here. This means that CEX.io users will now be able to liquidate their AKRO and receive the proceeds directly into their bank accounts.

  • Community member of the week goes to @codesssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Thanks for supporting the community and answering questions in Discord.

  • The top three community members with the most constructive feedback will be rewarded with an AKRO token bounty (determined by spot price at time of transfer) of $250, $175, and $150 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize respectively.


Quorum Calculations

  • Quorum: (Yes Votes + No Votes) / Total Outstanding Votes

  • Total outstanding votes is determined by AKRO and ADEL staked at the time of snapshot (snapshot occurs when proposal becomes active)

  • Total Outstanding Votes: Staked ADEL + (Staked AKRO / 83)

  • Staked number of AKRO and ADEL determine via Nansen AI

  • Quorum requirement (10%) and voting weights can be found here.

Proposal Results

  • Quorum: 12%; Decision: Passed, Option 2

  • Quorum: 15%; Decision: Passed, move forward

  • Quorum: 14%; Decision: Declined, don’t move forward

  • Quorum: 7%; Decision: Did not meet quorum requirements

  • The backlog of all requested features can be found here.

  • DSTG-001 and DFIP-008 are now under internal discussion to determine how to integrate them into the road map.

  • These proposals both require high technical bandwidth and the team is currently focused on vault strategies and dollar-cost averaging implementation. Therefore, the lead time on these proposals will likely be prolonged.

As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels and thank you for your continued support!