December 22nd, 2020

Data as of December 22nd, 2020: 

$7.9m TVL     2828 Members    94.3% ADEL Staking APY    78.6% AKRO Staking APY


Akropolis weekly is back! After putting our heads down to deal with the recent security exploit and starting our exciting new relationship with Yearn, we wanted to bring the community up to speed.


  • Akropolis now has access to Yearn, Pickle, and Cream products, and can integrate its DCA solutions with these. 

  • Yearn will have access to Akropolis’ business development expertise and exposure to its institutional client network, as well as new investment strategies and products created by Akropolis.

  • Post-yearn merger, we have revised our product roadmap to focus on mutually complementary aspects. To this end, a new streamlined product roadmap is here, all dev activity not core to that has been deprioritised 

  • Akropolis will now narrowly focus on Delphi, new strategies and yield-generating products, and a new institutional front-end application for the Yearn & Akropolis yield-generating product suite.

  • Akropolis has been added to the recent Yearn Ecosystem Token Index ($YETI Index) created by Power Pool. Check out the announcement here!

  • The design of the Harvest page has been updated! Check out the new look here!


  • We are pleased to announce the preliminary details of the hack compensation plan that can be found here

  • Briefly, a new IOU token (iouAKRO) will be introduced that tracks the losses incurred by the victims in the recent exploit. The IOU reserve will be capitalised through a combination of protocol fees and a voluntary Akropolis treasury contribution.

  • We will also be introducing an embedded insurance pool to charge users a fee deducted from the yield for future security measures.

  • We are also pleased to announce our winners from the community feedback form.

    • 1st place goes to @HappyMask

    • 2nd place goes to @alice.maybe

    • 3rd place goes to @codesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Winners, please contact Alex.eth on Discord to claim your bounties!

  • Briefly, major community suggestions were:

    • Simplify the UI and 

    • Have better explainers about the various sections (i.e. vaults vs savings) in a separate “learning section”

    • Visual aids and a calculator to better explain rewards and vesting

    • More communication and branding

  • We will have a community AMA about the Yearn merger next Tuesday, December 29th. More details to come!


  • A new proposal was added to snapshot to end reward vesting. This proposal is active until January 1st with the snapshot taken on November 27th.

  • Please discuss the proposal on the #delhi-community-governance channel on discord and remember to vote!

  • A proposal to initiate a Voting Schedule has closed - you can find it here

    • The proposal did not meet the 10% quorum requirement (3.11% quorum was reached), so the issue is currently closed.

As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels and thank you for your continued support! Happy holidays to everyone!