Akropolis Weekly Updates

September 10th, 2021

Data as of September 10th, 2021 📈: 

$11.26M TVL      2,855 Members      26.15% AKRO Staking APY 

Welcome everyone to another round of Akropolis weekly! Last call for your input: here’s the form to send us your thoughts. 

Flash News ⚡

ICYMI: Opinion 💬

Watch: Jam Session #6: TradFi to DeFi

Akropolis Updates 🔔

  • TheDefiant: Ana discusses her move from TradFi to DeFi

  • StakingRewards lists Akro staking

  • $AKRO now integrated on RioWallet

  • 🎉 We released an update this week:

    • 🔓 We added the Claim function for unlocked AKRO rewards - you can claim whenever you want with balances updated every 2 weeks. Head to our app > My Summary to check it out. 

    • ⛓ All Delphi-related features are moved to an open-source frontend created by a community contributor. Access it here

      • Saving pools, rewards, vesting rewards, & ADEL will no longer be available on our app interface.

    • 💰 On Aug 10, all ADEL rewards (staking and DEXes) came to an end as the LM emission ended & will be available for claim on the open-source frontend.

Here’s what we’re also working on 🔧

  • [in progress] We continue to work on new vault strategies in house and hope to bring in new strategy makers. 🤑

    • We’re continuing to research & work on strategies on Polygon.

    • We are working with existing Yearn community members in the YFI Boarding school! 🎓

    • Again, if you are an interested developer please reach out to us in our discord or telegram channels!

  • [in progress] Zaps - we’re working on adding “zap” functionality to deposits to improve user experience & add ability to deposit different tokens into Vaults (not on LP tokens).

For the Community 👪

We are still hiring! Please take a look at the position information below if you are interested in working with the Akropolis team!

  • Solidity Developers - this role includes:

    • Identifying & implementing complex yield-generation strategies on different chains;

    • Work with development team, product owner, and designers to turn vision into a functional software while following deadlines;

    • Develop high-quality code by following best practices in the space & make it maintainable, performant, accessible, and precise;

    • Perform internal code reviews & audits ;

    • Being proactive & contribute to the team engineering processes and workflow;

    • Collaborate with relevant DeFi projects to discover optimal solutions for our needs;

    • Keep yourself updated with DeFi ecosystem updates & contribute ideas relevant to the product.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email your CV, along with your GitHub profile to team@akropolis.io with the subject line:  

Akropolis Team | “Job Title”


As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels, and thank you for your continued support!