February 17th, 2021

Data as of February 17th, 2021: 

$19.34M TVL     2837 Members   44.3% AKRO Staking APY


Welcome everyone to another round of Akropolis weekly!


  • [done] $AKRO can now be lent or borrowed on Cream Finance - borrowing APY is currently sitting at 2.02%! Check out the tweet about it here.

  • [in progress] Work is underway to optimize the dApp and increase page load by 3x.

  • [in progress] Additional features such as the ability to deposit multiple stablecoins into Yearn vaults.

  • [in progress] Iterating on a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) functionality  - more to come soon!


  • With all the recent updates to the UI, we will be reaching out to the community for product input via a feedback form in early March.

  • Our previous feedback forms and community input have been very successful in developing our product and we can’t wait to hear from you! 

  • For now, please just make mental notes of things you would do to improve the UI/UX and stay tuned for more information regarding the feedback form!


  • [in progress] Setting up ADEL only and AKRO only governance Snapshot pages for Delphi V1 and Akropolis V1 respectively.

As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels and thank you for your continued support!