Data as of January 16th, 2021:


$7.96M TVL     2804 Members   62.03% AKRO Staking APY


Welcome everyone to another round of Akropolis weekly! There is a lot going on at Akropolis HQ and the next few weeks are going to be very exciting for both the protocol and community - let’s dig in!


  • ICYMI, it was announced that ADEL and AKRO pool-specific rewards distribution would change to nudge the separation between the tokens prior to the ADEL>AKRO voluntary swap. Please find the announcement here!

  • The development team is heads down preparing for Delphi 2.0!

    • Regression tests are pending on testnet & mainnet (to check if there are any bugs etc).

  • On the frontend, we are also working on a new and improved website/landing page for better representation of our product! Look for more updates soon!


  • As many of you know, we are working hard on the hack compensation plan & ADEL>AKRO swap proposal/announcements. 

  • We are planning to publish details for both of these topics next week. Stay tuned for more announcements!


  • We are in the process of setting up ADEL only and AKRO only Snapshot pages to govern Delphi V1 and Delphi V2 respectively .

  • All proposals around the voluntary swap and new Akropolis products will be governed via AKRO only, while ADEL will solely govern Delphi V1.

  • The first line of business for AKRO governance will be to decide the ADEL>AKRO swap specifics and what to do with swapped ADEL after the swap (i.e. token burn or hold). More details to follow soon!

  • We encourage community members that wish to move forward with Delphi V1 and ADEL as their own product/community to work on proposals and post them to the forum prior to the ADEL only Snapshot release (use an ADEL tag in the title to ID it).

As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels and thank you for your continued support!