Akropolis Weekly Updates

April 23rd, 2021

Data as of April 23rd, 2021 📈: 

$19.19M TVL   2884 Members   32.57% AKRO Staking APY 


Welcome everyone to another round of Akropolis weekly! We have uploaded AIP-010 to snapshot for community voting and pushed a new UI update - let’s get started.

Governance 🗳

  • After publishing our thoughts on AIP-008 and -009 regarding changes to the ADEL>AKRO swap rate, we have decided to put AIP-010 up for community vote via snapshot. For more information, please check out our tweet about it here!

  • You can access the snapshot page here or through the governance tab in the Akropolis dApp.

  • The vote closes Wednesday April 28th, so make sure to get you votes in before then! ⏲

  • Also, please remember that voting via snapshot only requires you to vote by signing a transaction - so there are no gas fees! 💰

Product 🛠

We just pushed another major update to the UI - get ready to calculate those APYs!! 💸

Below are the key highlights: 👇

✅ We improved dApp loading time - a must in DeFi

✅ We integrated Torus wallet

✅ We added a  new APY calculator 

Let’s dig in a little to the APY calculator - here are the key features 🤓

  1. The ability to calculate APY for any given deposit value (USD equivalent), over a given period (1 year, 1 week, or 1 month), with a defined asset (pool assets). 🤑

  1. The ability to sort based on Total Yield or other parameters in order to compare what meets the user’s needs. 🤔

  1. A comparison tab to allow users to compare across all yield generation options. 🤩

As the amount of yield generation products in the dApp grows, we believe that the APY calculator will enable users to make the most informed decisions on what strategies to use. We hope you like it! 🧡

Things still in the works:

  • [in progress] We are still working towards the ability to swap vested rewards in the ADEL>AKRO voluntary swap - pending AIP-010 snapshot vote. ⏲

  • [in progress] We continue researching indices for integration into the dashboard. If you have any suggestions, please drop them in our discord or telegram channels!

  • [in progress] We continue to work on new vault strategies in house and hope to bring in new strategy makers. 🤑

    1. We are working with existing Yearn community members in the YFI Boarding school! 🎓

    2. Again, if you are an interested developer please reach out to us in our discord or telegram channels!!

  • [in progress] We will be integrating yearn affiliate tokens for revenue-sharing between our protocols. For more information check out Yearn’s tweet about affiliate tokens here!

  • Also, in case you missed it we identified two bugs in the Yearn Affiliate token contracts, which have since been fixed - you can check out more details about it here.👀

  • [in progress] We are working on moving away from rewards distributions to users claiming them instead, thus removing the distribution threshold. You will be able to claim unlocked rewards once per two weeks.

Community 👪

  • We would love your feedback and suggestions regarding the new UI! Please reach out to us on our social channels if you have anything you would like to add!

As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels and thank you for your continued support!