Akropolis Weekly Updates

August 27th, 2021

Data as of August 27th, 2021 📈: 

$14.39M TVL      2,879 Members      24.22% AKRO Staking APY 

Welcome everyone to another round of Akropolis weekly! From this week onwards, we’ll be throwing in some highlights that have happened in both the crypto and DeFi landscape within the last week. Let us know what you think about Akropolis so far, and what else you’d like to see in this short community feedback form! (Thank you!)

Flash News ⚡

ICYMI: Opinion 💬

“DeFi & Fintech Roundtable: Who eats who?” by TheDefiant

Product Updates 🛠

  • We released another UI/UX update! 

    • We fixed the full unlock date of vested rewards 🔓

    • We also improved the UI on token price and vault APY display errors. 🔧 If the calculated amount depends on unavailable price or APY, “N/A” is reflected accordingly.

  • Another reminder that the compensation drop page is live! The page is visible only to wallets affected back in November - please go to this page to check.

    • The $AKRO drop only covers 50% of the exploit.

  • We are actively working on the Yearn affiliate program & delegated deposits.

We’re also working on:

  • [in progress] We continue to work on new vault strategies in-house and hope to bring in new strategy makers. 🤑

    • We’re continuing to research & work on strategies on Polygon.

    • We are working with existing Yearn community members in the YFI Boarding school! 🎓

    • Again, if you are an interested developer please reach out to us in our discord or telegram channels!

  • [in progress] We are working on moving away from rewards distributions to users claiming them instead, thus removing the distribution threshold. You will be able to claim unlocked rewards once per two weeks.

For the Community 👪

We are still hiring! Please take a look at the position information below if you are interested in working with the Akropolis team!

  • Solidity Developers - this role includes:

    • Identifying & implementing complex yield-generation strategies on different chains;

    • Work with development team, product owner, and designers to turn vision into a functional software while following deadlines;

    • Develop high-quality code by following best practices in the space & make it maintainable, performant, accessible, and precise;

    • Perform internal code reviews & audits ;

    • Being proactive & contribute to the team engineering processes and workflow;

    • Collaborate with relevant DeFi projects to discover optimal solutions for our needs;

    • Keep yourself updated with DeFi ecosystem updates & contribute ideas relevant to the product.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email your CV, along with your GitHub profile to team@akropolis.io with the subject line:  

Akropolis Team | “Job Title”


As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels, and thank you for your continued support!