April 8th, 2021


Data as of April 8th, 2021 πŸ“ˆ: 

$41.04M TVL   2933 Members   34.93% AKRO Staking APY 


Welcome everyone to another round of Akropolis weekly! A community member posted a new Akropolis improvement proposal (AIP) on the governance forum and we had a MASSIVE UI/UX update - let’s dig in.

Governance πŸ—³

  • A new proposal was posted by a community member in the governance forum - check it out here! TLDR below πŸ‘‡

  • [Active] AIP-008: Re-define ADEL>AKRO swap ratio

  1. Define the new ADEL>AKRO swap rate. Change swap rate from 1:15 [initially announced rate] to 1:3.1 in order to match target dollar value of swapped ADEL to AKRO. The new swap rate roughly corresponds to ~$2.5mn in AKRO using March TWAP price (0.054654).

  2. As a result of changing the swap rate, the amount of AKRO for ADEL holders will be re-allocated to incentivize growth of the ecosystem, for instance, through a Development Fund, Community Fund, and Liquidity Mining programmes.

  3. Change the vAKRO vesting terms from 24 months years to 12 months to reduce potential downside of ADEL holders willing to swap

  • Please use the governance forum to signal and comment/discuss the proposal!

Product πŸ› 

ICYMI, we had a major update to the UI - you asked and we listened!! 😍πŸ’₯

Below are the key highlights: πŸ‘‡


  • We streamlined the dApp home screen so users can easily compare vault and staking options - let’s get that yield! πŸ€‘πŸ’°

  • Per the community feedback, we added new key data points to the My Summary page πŸ‘€

    βœ… Total user balance

    βœ… Average user APY

    βœ… Rewards under vesting

    βœ… Individual product balances and APYs

  • We created a new Stats tab where you can find data for all things Akropolis πŸ™Œ

    βœ… The number of Akropolis members

    βœ… Total value locked (TVL) in Akropolis

    βœ… Total vested rewards

    βœ… Rewards distribution timer

    βœ… Tokens available for distribution

    βœ… Top performing products/strategies

Landing Page

  • We added a links for DeFi Pulse and Dharma to help user’s get more info on DeFi and be able to directly onboard from their bank account 🏦

  • We provided some key highlights as to why users would want to use Akropolis 😎

  • We linked a graph of our development activity πŸ“Š

  • We added some background on our previous work and products πŸ‘·

This is the first big update to the UI/UX, but rest assured more will be coming with more complex data points! 

Things still in the works:

  • [in progress] We are still working towards the ability to swap vested rewards in the ADEL>AKRO voluntary swap.You can find the original swap announcement here and visit the swap page to exchange your $ADEL for SAKRO.

  • [in progress] We are still researching indices for integration into the dashboard. If you have any suggestions, please drop them in our discord or telegram channels!

  • [in progress] We continue to work on new vault strategies in house and hope to bring in new strategy makers. πŸ€‘

  • We continue to work with existing Yearn community members in the YFI Boarding school! πŸŽ“

  •  Again, if you are an interested developer please reach out to us in our discord or telegram channels!!

  • [in progress] We will be integrating yearn affiliate tokens for revenue-sharing between our protocols. For more information check out Yearn’s tweet about affiliate tokens here!

  • [in progress] We are still working on expanding vault deposits to multiple stablecoins and iterating on DCA functionality. πŸ‘·

Community πŸ‘ͺ

  • We would love your feedback and suggestions regarding the new UI! Please reach out to us on our social channels if you have anything you would like to add!

As always, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels and thank you for your continued support!